Sports Performance

Sports Performance Training

At Athletic Gaines Minnesota, our mission is to build foundational strength, speed, and agility with a focus on functional movement and injury prevention.

Many strength training programs tend to focus on absolute strength gains through heavy lifting, without consideration for how that will translate or maximize an athlete’s sports performance. At Athletic Gaines Minnesota, we focus primarily on relative strength gains while emphasizing increased efficiency in body control, balance, and proper mechanics. Once an athlete displays mastery of these foundational concepts, we begin to incorporate a sport specific strength building program that will continue to enhance and develop the athlete, allowing them to achieve their performance potential.

Our small group training is a great opportunity to develop your individual skills and immediately implement them in game-like situations. Our group training sessions include:

  • Small Group Sizes:  Our groups are formed based on the experience level and age of the athlete and typically have between 5-8 athletes per trainer, per session.
  • Session Structure:  Each 1-hour session will focus on developing foundational strength, speed, change of direction, range of motion and injury prevention through a variety of proven exercises and programs. 
  • Flexible Schedule:  Whether you sign up for one of our monthly memberships or a session package, you’ll have access to our online scheduling platform as well as our mobile app where you will be able to view the schedule, sign up for training sessions, modify your schedule and more! 

We offer a variety of memberships and session packages to fit your goals and schedule. Click below for more information and to sign up! If you have any questions or would like to discuss designing a package that’s right for you, please contact us at

Our college, pro and elite training programs are customized to your specific needs and schedule. Contact us to start designing an off-season, or in-season, program that is right for you. 

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact at 

We partner with teams and associations to provide a variety of support and development for their athletes. Examples of what we provide includes:

  • Camps & Clinics 
  • Team Training (High School or Association)
  • Off-Season Training
  • In-Season Training
  • Tryout Prep

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us through the button below or reach out directly to 

Looking for a more personal training package? We offer private training for individuals and small groups. These sessions are scheduled outside of our normal small group training schedule. Rates vary depending on group size. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to us via the button below or email us at

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We have programs for in-season and offseason training. Check out our memberships and session packages to join us today!

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Whether you’re looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or boost your overall performance both on and off the field, track, rink, or basketball court, Athletic Gaines is your quickest path to becoming the person and athlete you strive to be.