At Athletic Gaines Minnesota, our mission is to build foundational strength, speed, and agility with a focus on functional movement and injury prevention.

Many strength training programs tend to focus on absolute strength gains through heavy lifting, without consideration for how that will translate or maximize an athlete’s sports performance. At Athletic Gaines Minnesota, we focus primarily on relative strength gains while emphasizing increased efficiency in body control, balance, and proper mechanics. Once an athlete displays mastery of these foundational concepts, we begin to incorporate a sport specific strength building program that will continue to enhance and develop the athlete, allowing them to achieve their performance potential.

Private Training

Train one-on-one with the same coaches that mentored some of your favorite professional athletes today. Whether you’re looking to build momentum for an upcoming season or prevent injuries during it, a certified performance coach at Athletic Gaines will work by your side to create a sport-specific training program that pushes you to unleash your true performance potential.

To ensure that your program is exactly what you’re looking for, we have our personal training clients undergo a movement & body composition screening to help us better design a strength training routine that fits your age, skill sets, playstyle, and body type.

Group Training

Build strength, speed, and agility alongside other dedicated athletes in a training environment designed to push your performance abilities to the next level. Pairing you with 3-9 athletes of similar age and skill level, our certified performance coaches work with your group to develop a sport-specific training program that translates over to real-world competitive scenarios.

The result? A dynamic group training program that not only cultivates well-rounded athletes but gives them the strength, confidence, and technical skills to consistently perform at their best.

Team Training

Achieve your performance goals alongside your teammates in a specialized training program designed to take your team to the next competitive level. Whether you’re preparing for the new season ahead or looking to sustain optimal performance throughout the year, our certified Athletic Gaines coaches will work with you and your team to develop a comprehensive training program that’s tailored to your specific sport and intentions for the future.

Build synergy amongst your teammates and uncover what your team is capable of with dynamic drills and exercises that promote strength, speed, confidence, technique, and of course, teamwork.

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Whether you’re looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or boost your overall performance both on and off the field, track, rink, or basketball court, Athletic Gaines is your quickest path to becoming the person and athlete you strive to be.