Adult Training

Don’t let age get between you and your athletic pursuits. Gain and retain the strength, confidence, and mobility of your younger years with specialized training programs designed to awaken and fuel your drive for success.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your performance, reach new fitness milestones, or lose a few extra pounds on the side, our certified performance coaches here in the Twin Cities can help tailor a fitness plan that safely meets and adapts to your changing needs and goals as an athlete.

Private Training

Receive one-on-one fitness instruction from the best personal trainers in the Twin Cities metro area. Whether you’re looking to continue your endeavors as a competitive athlete or regain the performance abilities of your glory days, a certified personal trainer at Athletic Gaines can help build out a custom-tailored fitness program based on your goals, needs, and current experience.

To ensure that your program is exactly what you’re looking for, we have our personal training clients undergo a movement & body composition screening to help us better design a strength training routine that fits your age, skill sets, playstyle, and body type.

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Group Training

Achieve your fitness goals in a supportive, small group environment led by our elite performance coaches here in the Twin Cities. Our adult training program pairs you up with 3-5 participants of equal age and skill level, bringing you specialized training exercises designed to satisfy the athletic needs of you and your group.

Our adult group program focuses on performance building and injury prevention, allowing you to get the workout you require while keeping your body safe from the stress and strain of traditional heavy lifting.

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Don’t let age get between you and your athletic pursuits.

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Whether you’re looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or boost your overall performance both on and off the field, track, rink, or basketball court, Athletic Gaines is your quickest path to becoming the person and athlete you strive to be.

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